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Our Data Analytics Package

Data Integrity Check

Our data integrity check covers the following:

1. Data completeness check - gaps in sequencing based on timestamps, sequence numbers or any other self defined sequences.

2. Missing/malformed data - check for null/empty values, data of invalid types and more.

3. Any other customized checks.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Our exploratory data analysis covers the following:

1. Statistical analysis such as mean, median, standard deviation, outliers, etc.

2. Data distribution analysis.

3. Identify data clusters and patterns.

AI Prediction Models - Machine Learning

Our data prediction model is based on latest AI machine learning algorithms with high training and test accuracy. This service covers:

1. Data features selection and analysis.

2. Selection of the best performing AI models based on nature of the data.

3. Training of machine learning models.

4. Back testing and demo*.

*On-site demo/support is only available in Singapore.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization service covers the following:

1. Visualize trend, correlation, ranking and more.

2. Up to 3 data visualization video infograghics.

Visit MyTradingPet YouTube Channel for samples of data visualization videos.